Living in another country can be one of the most stimulating and enriching experiences someone can have. They will never be the same again, nor will they see things the same way again.
Too Foreign explores the reverse culture shock many people experience when they move to a cultural environment that is different from their own. All from a very personal perspective.
"I never really know what to say when people ask me why I find it so hard to go back home to Barcelona if I miss it so much. I guess this video is my answer; I love my city and I can’t wait to be back with my loved ones but it’s the fear of seeing how things have changed since I left, to see that my people have evolved without me and the fear of feeling like a stranger in my own city.
As I mentioned, my mind just wishes that I could live in a city collage of all the good things and people from both cities. I don’t really want to go through the process of missing things from my other home and instead just feel completely happy in one place. But I guess it’s time to embrace that melancholic feeling in order to not let it stop me from evolving.
It’s quite an intimate thing I’m sharing but I know many international friends who are going through the same process, so this is also for them."

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